Salary Cuts Offset by Overtime Opportunities

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Melanie Piana

Secondary Patrol Benefits Neighborhoods and DPD Alike

Detroit police officers contending with recent pay cuts are seeing the benefits of the Jefferson East Police Patrol, a secondary job program. With this initiative, off-duty DPD officers can work security for local businesses and neighborhood organizations – but they are dressed in uniform, with their city issued gun and patrol car.

In addition to offering much-needed overtime opportunities for cops, this program has  been extremely effective at deterring crime.  To wit: there has been a reported 8 percent decrease in crime in the Jefferson-Chalmers district while specially targeted hotspots in Rivertown have seen crime plummet by 32 percent.

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JEI gives special thanks to funders such as Stroh Companies, Presbyterian Villages, MHT Housing, Kresge Foundation and CFSEM for supporting the secondary patrol program and for helping to keep the east Jefferson corridor safe.