Introducing JEI’s Updated Brand



No brand is meant to stay completely the same. All great brands need to make changes over time to reflect how they have evolved.

This year marks Jefferson East, Inc.’s decision to update its brand. The revised logo reflects our change since the early years when we were known as the Jefferson East Business Association. Through our updated logo, we want to better showcase the spirit of JEI’s mission, “Go East,” which helps communicate the exciting developments that are happening in the east Jefferson corridor and its adjoining neighborhoods.

Our Logo
Our former logo has served us well over the years; however, we thought it was time to give JEI a louder and clearer presence. We want people to focus in on what is happening in the east Jefferson corridor.

Our updated look was created as we noticed the following:

1) The logo caused confusion.
\We knew we wanted to still have Go East be a part of our logo, but it couldn’t remain in the same spot as many who are not familiar with us were getting confused and were thinking we are Go East. 

Now, “Go East” serves as a tag under the JEI logo. 

2) The logo needed a little something to add more vibrancy.
Something you definitely won’t find in every brand’s backyard is the Detroit River, but nothing about our former logo really brought that to people’s attention.

Now, the Detroit River is symbolized more prominently by the blue you can see when looking at the arrow and Go East. Aside from this, the slight pop of color adds a lot more vibrancy to our logo, which we thought was important since it’s a very exciting time to be on Detroit’s east side.

Why we love it
Our refreshed  logo is consistent with the interest and ideas expressed by residents, partners, and funders, and a part of our color palette, which has been unchanged, is now captured in our logo. 

Download JEI’s Standard logo
Download JEI’s Black & White Standard Logo

Download JEI’s Small-Use Logo
Download JEI’s Black & White Small-Use Logo