JEI’s Economic Development Principles

We are committed to reducing barriers to small business growth, expansion and development and our efforts are focused on creating and sustaining strong Detroit neighborhoods. We also advocate and catalyze inclusive growth in our five neighborhoods: Rivertown, Lafayette Park, The Villages, the Marina District and Jefferson-Chalmers.

Our goal is to improve neighborhood conditions and facilitate development that creates pathways of opportunities for Detroit residents and businesses.

Who We Serve

Our Economic Development team supports small business owners seeking to establish their first brick-and-mortar retail business or small businesses that want to expand their presence in Detroit’s east Jefferson neighborhoods through proper advice and investment knowledge. We also match tenants to available land owners and provide valuable information on all of the steps, including homeowners insurance.

Real Estate 

With so much information out there, it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed by where to begin when seeking to develop a business. Through our critical real estate services, we help serve as a guide for small business owners.

Real estate services includes:

  • Property acquisition
  • Financing and pro-forma development
  • Connection to New Economic Initiative (NEI) partners
  • Building rehabilitation and renovation
  • Environmental surveys
  • Predevelopment services
  • Façade improvement services

Small Business Attraction & Retention

Small businesses play a major role in every community as they help keep communities memorable by adding charm and character. Small businesses help create strong communities by providing new job opportunities for residents.

We understand the importance of focusing attention on what small business owners need to turn their visions into realities.

Small business services includes:

  • Tenant and lease support
  • Collaboration and support with our partner Tech Town who offers SWOT City program
  • Design services, including space planning and signage
  • Marketing support