Small manufacturing back in Detroit


As a youth, Eric Yelsma, the founder of Detroit Denim, discovered his knack for using a sewing machine. Little did he know that some 20 years later his hobby would become a passion driven movement for a quality American jeans. Surpassing mere style, the idea of the best-jean-possible reveals a long forgotten tradition: the relationship between the maker and customer.

Starting small and local in Detroit, making sure each pair of jeans made was authentic and expertly crafted with all US-sourced materials. Today, we still uphold our passion for making great jeans which will continue to get better with wear.

Now with a small team of dedicated Detroiters, we make training a key focus; scrutinizing our techniques and learning the best possible process for making our jeans. We push onward, not just a team of craftspeople, but as a company culture that encourages hard work and precision sewing and instills the value of tradition in creating high quality authentic US-made jeans.

“Our craftsmanship is achieved by continually pursuing superb fit while maintaining the durability necessary for everyday wear. Each pair of jeans is handcrafted using specifically selected vintage and new machines. Each machine chosen for its stitch type and function which lends to the best possible construction of the jean. Putting craftsmanship first and foremost allows us to develop authentic American jeans.

We will grow. But not too much or too fast. Our vision is to make great jeans for great people, not make many jeans for many people.”